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Some of the current opportunities in the East Africa region include;
  • Development of a tsavorite gemstone deposit
  • Development of small to medium-scale gold mining operations (5,000 to 30,000 ounces per year);
  • Grass root exploration for gold, base metals, uranium;
  • Development of a vermiculite deposit for the agricultural market
  • Development of industrial minerals and agro minerals mining operations;
  • Development of a wollastonite deposit
  • Development of a medium-size manganese resource in an ideal situation near Mombasa port
  • Eastern Africa has seen a rapid development of its mineral industry, in particular in Tanzania where changes in the regulatory framework have led to the development of large-scale gold mines, and of exploration for various commodities.

    Recent efforts by the Uganda government to market its mineral potential include the flying of country-scale high-resolution airborne surveys, providing a solid information base for grass-root exploration. Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi are also increasingly opening up their mineral opportunities to investors.

    Kenya is one of the last unexplored countries in Africa. It is a major producer of soda ash, and also exports fluorspar, gold and coloured gemstones. There are two small-scale gold mines are active in Kenya, and several parts of Kenya are prospective for large-size gold deposits. Areas of gold mineralization include SW Kenya (the northern extension of the Tanzania Lake Victoria Gold Fields) and NW Kenya (transition between the Mozambique Belt and the Arabo-Nubian shield).

    Mineral occurrences in Kenya include: gold, chromite, nickel saprolite, iron ore (both magnetite and hematite), copper, rare earth elements, wollastonite, bentonite, diatomite, vermiculite, kyanite, tsavorite, ruby and other colour gemstones.