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AMS your partner in East Africa.

At AMS, we believe business materialises through networks of inspired and competent people, and we consider our vastly experienced team to be one of our strongest assets.



AMS is an elite exploration and mining service provider in the region, we offer distinguished

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our expertiseDrilling Needs


AMS is developing a versatile fleet of drilling equipment to cater for the following customer-tailored drilling services including:

  • Shallow reconnaissance core drilling
  • Resource definition core drilling
  • Auger drilling
  • Underground core drilling
  • As an exploration company, headed by geologists, our drillers at AMS understand the language and needs of our client's geologists.

    Current Capability

    TT46 or AW to 70 m
    Minute Man
    TT46 or AW to 50 m, Auger
    Maquesonda MACH850
    BQ to 120 m
    Christensen CS10
    HQ to 500 m, NQ to 800 m, BQ to 1,000 m